Please review the risk warnings below before considering any investment

Care fees are an often overlooked element of long term financial planning. With government statistics indicating that one in four of us will require long term care and with limited public funding available, the impact of care costs can be substantial.

At Ingenious, we believe that providing for potential care fees should be a critical first step in planning a financially secure future for you and your family.

IEP Care provides a simple and unique solution. A dedicated care fees planning service, it is designed to help you plan for the costs of any long term care you may require, but it can also be fully integrated with your estate planning strategy.

Why IEP Care?

  • Control – You retain beneficial ownership of your investment and access to your funds. Other methods can require you to give up control of your assets.
  • Protection – A conservative investment strategy designed to preserve and carefully grow the value of your investment
  • Support – You will have access to a support team from Grace Consulting, the UK’s premier independent consultant on care options. If required, experts from Grace Consulting will guide you through the complex decision-making process for long-term care
  • Simplicity – No restrictions on health, age or occupation. Subject to customary checks required by law, your investment should be complete shortly after application
  • Transparency – Investments are managed under a carefully designed investment strategy. You will be provided with regular performance updates and access to a dedicated support team
  • Efficiency – The value of your investment should be fully exempt from IHT after only two years. Other methods can take up to seven years

Your financial adviser will offer guidance on whether IEP Care is the right solution for you. However, if you have any questions about this service in the meantime, please contact us on 020 7319 4291 or email us on

To read the independent MICAP report on IEP Care, click here

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Risk Warnings

  • Investment in the Service involves an element of risk. The level of returns and the availability and timing of relief for investors may be impacted by:
  • The performance of the underlying companies. If counterparties become insolvent or fail to honour their contractual commitments this may adversely affect the recoupment of capital
  • The Manager being able to identify appropriate BR Companies which carry on, and continue to carry on, a BR qualifying trade. There is no guarantee that a sufficient number of suitable BR Companies will be identified or that the activities undertaken by the BR Companies will be successful
  • Any changes to tax, particularly the bases of taxation, tax relief, rates of tax or an investor’s tax position
  • Where there is insufficient liquidity within the underlying companies or limited opportunities for market purchases of shares, the process for providing liquidity to investors could take several months
  • Access to the investment will be according to the Manager’s policy on acceptable payment requests and will be restricted in the first year of investment

The value of an investment in the Service can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.

Full details of the risk factors and associated mitigation techniques can be found in the ‘Risk Factors’ section of the Brochure.

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