Patrick McKenna, founder of Ingenious, is Chairman of the Institute for Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship (ICCE) at Goldsmiths. The organisation delivers graduate courses in creative and cultural management, enterprise and entrepreneurship to students wishing to develop careers in the creative industries. It also supports research into new business and financial models in the creative economy.

In 2014, the Patrick McKenna Charitable Trust donated almost £100,000 to endow five new postgraduate scholarships in the Institute.
The donation will part-fund four scholarships a year for the MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship course over the next three years, and one PhD scholarship or post-doctoral fellowship awarded to a single candidate who will research different types and levels of risk in media and creative businesses.

ICCE delivers a range of academic programmes and presents activities and events to promote an environment in which the practical study of creative and cultural entrepreneurship can flourish.

The Institute’s approach is to integrate entrepreneurship within the development of creative practices, and to take a holistic approach to the development of new businesses and the infrastructure that supports them.

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