Ingenious Estate Planning (IEP) Private Infrastructure is a comprehensive service designed to deliver financial and well-being benefits through a straight-forward investment strategy, in a tax-efficient manner.

Ingenious seeks to deliver 7 key benefits to IEP investors

Carefully managed returns

Preserving and increasing wealth whilst carefully managing risk

Low volatility

Seeking steady growth with low volatility compared to Business Relief (BR)-qualifying AIM Index, which can be more sensitive to market sentiment


Mitigate against the impact of Inheritance Tax (IHT) on death and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on earlier disposal

Flexibility to adapt

Retain access and control of your investment in case circumstances change

Not just an

Plan for complex health or care needs with a Care advisory service


Pay less than most other comparative services for a more comprehensive solution

Supportive of ESG2

Supporting the UK’s transition to net zero to combat climate change

1Tax Efficient Review, March 2020 & June 2021

2Environmental, Social and Governance

Investment strategy

The primary objective of IEP Private Infrastructure is to invest in one or more portfolio companies that undertake one of two trades:


Lending secured against assets, for instance a wind or solar farm or cash flows arising from part or all of a company’s business


Owning, operating and selling income generating assets such as solar plants, wind farms or anaerobic digestion plants, which benefit from government tariffs that set a minimum payment for a portion of the power generated

Why infrastructure?

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our world. The UK Government has set ambitious targets to transition from fossil fuels to low CO2 energy systems in support of a greener and more sustainable future. This presents a wide range of investment opportunities for knowledgeable investors.

The Opportunity

Transitioning from fossil fuels to new forms of clean energy and creating the necessary infrastructure to support the energy transition through:

wind farms

Solar power

digestion plants

More efficient and less polluting transport networks

New approaches to energy generation, storage, distribution and supply

Resource efficiency that propels the UK’s transition to become a circular economy, through improved waste disposal and utilisation

A digital infrastructure that can support smarter energy systems for our homes and cities


More information about the potential benefits and risks can be found in the Brochure, Investor Agreement and Application Form.

There is no guarantee that shares issued to you will be wholly or partly Business Relief or Investors’ Relief qualifying at the date of a future transfer of your shares. Tax rules could change in the future and the value of any tax relief will depend on your personal circumstances.

We require investors to take financial advice before completing an application for Ingenious Estate Planning.

Application Forms for joint investors and printer friendly documents can be found in the document library.

Want to know more?

Important information

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. As with any investment, there are inherent risks involved in investing in any of our products and money invested may both increase or decrease in value and your capital is at risk. There is no guarantee that you will be repaid all of your invested capital.

No Ingenious Group company provides or is authorised to provide investment or tax advice.