We are proud to announce that two films produced by investee companies managed by Ingenious will showcase at the forthcoming Berlin Film Festival:

  • Minamata: produced by Golan Films and directed by Andrew Levitas. Three-time Academy Award® nominee Johnny Depp plays celebrated war photographer W. Eugene Smith in a real life David vs Goliath story, pitting Smith against a powerful corporation responsible for poisoning the people of Minamata, Japan in 1971. With the glory days of World War II far behind him, Smith has become a recluse, disconnected from society and his career. Between an impassioned Japanese translator called Aileen (Minami) urging him to go and a much needed comission from “Life” Magazine editor Ralph Graves (Nighy), Smith is finally convincd to journey back to Japan to expose the devastating annihilation of a coastal community, victims of corporate greed and complicit local police and government. Armed with only his trusted Nikon camera, Smith must find the images that will bring this story to the World. At first, no one wants to help him and there’s a new threat at every corner. But thanks to his burgeoning love for Aileen, Smith learns to stop hiding behind to finally stop hiding behind the lens and to start taking action, helping him earn this broken community’s trust. Minamata is a moving redemptive story of how one man’s powerful photograph impacted the world, yet in order to find it he had to open his heart. (Gala Premiere)
  • The Roads Not Taken: produced by Glasal Films. Directed by acclaimed writer-director Sally Potter provides Academy Award® and Golden Globe-winning actor Javier Bardem with a role that showcases his unique versatility. He is joined by Academy Award® nominee Salma Hayek, and three-time Academy Award nominee Laura Linney for the film, a masterful and touching chronicle of a day in one man’s life, and of the unconditional bond with his daughter, played by Elle Fanning. The film follows 24 hours in the life of father and daughter Leo (Bardem) and Molly (Fanning) as she grapples with the challenges of dealing with her father’s chaotic mental state. But as they weave their way around New York City, their ordinary but stressful day takes on a hallucinatory and epic quality, for Leo is seamlessly flowing in and out of several parallel lives; a passionate marriage with his childhood sweetheart Dolores (Hayek) in Mexico; and a life of solitude on a remote Greek island, where a chance encounter with two young tourists unmasks the uncomfortable truths of a family life left behind…The film weaves a rich, cinematic tapestry as Leo’s parallel lives – visible only to him – gradually unravel in moments of tragedy, happiness, regret and humour. It is only his daughter who gradually begins to understand his extraordinary secret. (In Competition)