Designed to Deliver well-being benefits in addition to the financial outcome

Through recognising that financial outcomes and wellbeing go hand in hand, investors can ensure they make holistic plans, especially in later life, preparing not only for financial outcomes, but also for potential care needs. At Ingenious, we recognise that this is a specialist area with limited support, so investments in Ingenious Estate Planning (IEP) include complimentary access to the IEP Care Service.

What does the IEP Care Service offer?

Why help in planning for care is needed

People are living for longer, which means there is more potential for complex health & wellbeing needs

One in five women and one in three men1 are likely to require residential care

The UK’s care system is fragmented and complex, relying on communication between the NHS, Social Services, families and care providers

People are required to be experts the first and potentially only time they deal with the care sector and it is crucial for the wellbeing of their loved one that they get it right

Although state funding is available, not everyone qualifies and care is expensive, costing an average of £43,8882 per year for residential care

One in five people over the age of 45 has had personal experience of finding long-term care for a family member and their experience is often not positive1.


Difficult to find


The care system is complex


Shocked at
the cost


Surprised at lack of
state support


Disappointed by quality
of care

1Just Care Report, 2019
2LaingBuisson – Care of Older People UK Market Report, 2018

How can the IEP Care Service help?

Perhaps you have never really thought about care but wonder what it could cost, maybe you are concerned about the vulnerability of a loved one and would like to take some advice on their options, or you might just like to have the peace of mind that the service is there in an emergency. The IEP Care Service can be used as a one off, or with higher frequency, it’s up to you.

The IEP Care Service is provided by independent care consultants from a third party care adviser, Grace Consulting, many of whom have a medical background and have expert knowledge of later life care. The service includes:

How to communicate most effectively with the hospital

The assessment process and potential for rehabilitation

The hospital discharge process

Care options, including funded support

Finding and deciding on the most suitable setting for long-term care

Grace Consulting provides independent care advice, and is not registered with the FCA as it is not authorised to provide financial advice.

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Important information

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