We believe that our investments should deliver not only for our investors, but also create a positive impact for the communities in which we operate.

ESG policy – sustainable and responsible investing

We fully support the significantly greater focus which sustainable and responsible investing has attracted in recent years in the financial services industry and which is often referred to as ESG, or Environmental, Social and Governance.  These concepts are not new however and have been referred to by many names over a long period of time, all having a slightly different focus or emphasis.  This helps explain why there is no one-size fits all approach and why ESG means different things to different people.  No two people are the same, and equally no two companies are the same.  We must all embrace our uniqueness.  We therefore thought it would be helpful to set out for interested parties what ESG, or sustainable and responsible investing, means to us and how we incorporate this ethos into our culture and working practices.