Ingenious Estate Planning (IEP) is designed to deliver financial and well-being benefits through a straightforward investment strategy, in a tax-efficient manner.

Ingenious seeks to deliver 7 key benefits to IEP investors

Growth above

Robust risk

Steady returns with
low volatility

Low fees
and charges

Maximum tax

Access and control
in case plans change

An additional service to plan for complex health and care needs

Designed for both investors and their beneficiaries

As people are living for longer and spending more time in retirement, they have a number of important objectives, both for themselves and their beneficiaries.

Whilst investments focused on capital growth can increase an investor’s savings throughout their life, in the absence of efficient tax planning, Inheritance Tax (IHT) liabilities can ultimately leave beneficiaries with a poor outcome. On the other hand, by focusing too much on just IHT planning and ignoring how their wealth is being invested, investors may be left with little or no growth in their savings, whether that be due to the negative impact of poor investment management, volatility, or high fees – all of which may reduce an investor’s options in later life.

Designed to deliver tax efficiency

Whilst prudent investment management can deliver steady, consistent returns to maintain and grow an investor’s wealth, the value available to their beneficiaries on death can be significantly reduced by IHT, meaning they may not achieve the outcome they desire. Business Relief (BR)-qualifying investments like Ingenious Estate Planning can reduce the impact of IHT whilst allowing investors to retain control over their money for unexpected circumstances.

IEP investors acquire shares in one or more portfolio companies that are engaged in a BR-qualifying trade. This means any transfer of the shares should be free of IHT after just two years (or sooner if the investment constitutes replacement business property).

Tax efficient access: Investors’ Relief

We understand it is important for investors to maintain control of their assets. There are several ways in which IEP investors can, subject to liquidity, access their investment, including regular draw-down of growth, set annual payments, emergency payments or partial or full redemption.

Just as IHT can reduce the value of an investor’s savings, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) can reduce the value of withdrawals for all-important life needs. Incoming investors into IEP will receive newly issued shares, so after three years, a disposal of the shares should qualify for Investors’ Relief. This means that the applicable rate of CGT should be 10% rather than the higher rate of 20%.

Wellbeing: IEP Care Service

IEP investors all gain complimentary access to the IEP Care Service, which helps investors and their families plan for potential care needs.

More information about the potential benefits and risks can be found in the relevant Brochure, Investor Agreement and Application Form.

There is no guarantee that shares issued to you will be wholly or partly Business Relief or Investors’ Relief qualifying at the date of a future transfer of your shares. Tax rules could change in the future and the value of any tax relief will depend on your personal circumstances.

We require investors to take financial advice before completing an application for Ingenious Estate Planning.

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Important information

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. As with any investment, there are inherent risks involved in investing in any of our products and money invested may both increase or decrease in value and your capital is at risk. There is no guarantee that you will be repaid all of your invested capital.

No Ingenious Group company provides or is authorised to provide investment or tax advice.