We were delighted to recently attend the annual Script to Screen conference in Toronto. Each year, host Winston Baker brings together hundreds of directors, producers and film industry experts to provide delegates with a step-by-step guide to the filmmaking process as well as discussing the various paths and avenues to film funding.

From the creative aspects involved in finding the perfect script, to packaging talent that appeals to producers, the Script to Screen summit shows budding filmmakers how to navigate the complexities of the film industry.

Ingenious Media investment director Andrea Scarso attended the event and appeared on a co-production discussion panel where he gave his knowledge and expertise of film finance.

Following the event, Andrea commented: “I was delighted to be given the opportunity to attend this summit, which is now in its tenth year. The film industry is a multi-faceted business; a hugely daunting prospect for anyone starting out, so I was thrilled to share my experience and understanding on one aspect of a hugely elaborate process.

Conferences like these can provide aspiring filmmakers and screenwriters with a unique opportunity to develop their knowledge of the film industry, and I believe they play a crucial role in helping artistic talent to realise their creative ambitions

Andrea Scarso

Managing Director at Ingenious