Ingenious has recently named a wind turbine at Newton Down Wind Farm in Porthcawl, South Wales in recognition of local resident Robert McCann.

A neighbour to Newton Down Wind Farm, Robert noticed that the site’s front gate had been forcefully damaged whilst on a walk close to the property. Robert took great lengths to contact the site managers as soon as possible and the issue was quickly resolved.

Roberto Castiglioni, Senior Investment Director of Infrastructure at Ingenious said “Collaborating with the local community is fundamental to the success of Ingenious clean energy initiatives, so we are grateful that Robert contacted us when he noticed something out of the ordinary at our property.”

Ingenious asked Robert if he would like to take the opportunity and name one of the wind turbines at Newton Down Wind Farm. Robert was heartened by the gesture. As he recently lost a long-time companion in his pet cat Lucy, he dedicated the wind turbine to her memory. The team met Robert last month at the facility to hold a naming ceremony and to unveil the plaque.

Wind turbines spin eternally and since the demise of Lucy, I find the solitude and magnificence of them eternally therapeutic.

Robert McCann

Robert’s community dedication and shared enthusiasm for clean energy is much appreciated by Ingenious and they are delighted to have him as a neighbour.