The aftermath of the EU Referendum sent UK Real Estate markets on an extended holiday this summer; however as we approach the end of year, a sense of normality seems to be returning, supported by the UK’s long term & structural shortage of supply issues and with developers set to benefit from further economic stimulus, an increasingly relaxed planning regime and our government’s target for one million new homes by 2020.

Although the full impact remains to be seen, in the short term, there are obvious opportunities in the market and Ingenious Real Estate is here and happy to help investors and developers. Our new Bridging Finance product is designed to help our clients move quickly to secure a site, similarly through our stretch senior product a developer can unlock a scheme that institutional lenders may not be prepared look at. I’m excited to add that the scope of our development finance product has recently been increased to include commercial property too.

Since the return from the summer lull, we are seeing a steady flow of enquiries from new and existing borrowers who recognise that we will all just have to get used to living in uncertain times and the world has not ended. In response we continue to seek out and be strongly supportive of opportunities where we can see track record and liquidity in markets. Our recent £7.5m loan to a scheme in Gerrard’s Cross is an excellent example of the type of transaction we are very keen to support.

Ingenious Real Estate is very much open for business, we have recently expanded both the team and our product range and will continue to do so. Despite uncertainty the next few months will see us winning mandates from new and existing clients drawing on our experience, contacts and expanded product range. If you have any opportunities you would like to discuss with us or would like to know more about any aspect of what we do feel free to get in touch. We can normally provide an indicative response in 48 hours.