Three Ingenious productions have been shortlisted for a Broadcast Award in the ‘Best Pre-School Programme’ category. The Broadcast Awards recognise the UK’s most groundbreaking and successful content, rewarding creativity, quality and originality.

The Ingenious programmes that have been shortlisted are:

Claude is a children’s animation that follows the humorous adventures of a beret-clad dog, based on the best-selling book series. The show has many stars appearing as loveable characters, from Simon Callow CBE who plays raconteur sock, Sir Bobblysock, to Jane Horrocks who plays Claude’s owner, Mrs Shinyshoes. Claude was first released in the UK in June 2018 on Disney Junior.

Pablo is an autistic boy who draws animal friends to help him through the challenges of daily life. It was first released in the UK in October 2017 on CBeebies and was recently nominated for a Children’s BAFTA in the ‘Digital’ category.

Waffle the Wonder Dog 
Waffle the Wonder Dog follows an adorable fluffy dog who can’t help but cause trouble and is on a crash course to cementing the Brooklyn-Bell blended family. The first series premiered on CBeebies in February 2017, with the second series beginning in July of this year. The show was recently also nominated for a Children’s BAFTA in the ‘Pre School – Live Action’ category.

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