This article is for professional investors only, and not intended for retail investors.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment. Take 2 mins to learn more.

With the new Consumer Duty rules focusing minds on outcomes, fair value, and avoiding foreseeable harm, we are seeing advisers seeking solutions aligned with these values and, in particular, IEP Apex and the unique benefits it offers investors.

So what is it that makes Apex so attractive?

  1. IHT IS FULLY MITIGATED FROM DAY ONE OF SHARE ALLOTMENT – IEP Apex includes complimentary IHT cover for the initial 2-year qualifying period paid for by the Manager. That means no additional cost to investors or impact on returns.

  2. ACCESS TO MARKET LEADING RETURNS – IEP Apex’s investment allocation gives investors access to Ingenious’ market-leading real estate secured lending strategy1. Third-party analysis conducted by Tax Efficient Review shows that investors over the latest five-year period have received an actual total return of £128,000 from £100,000 invested1.

  3. LOW COSTS – IEP Apex offers a comprehensive solution at what we believe to be some of the lowest fees in the market. Considering its unique utility, it’s arguably a great example of fair value. 

  4. MARKET LEADING COST/RETURN RATIO – investors see over 70% of the returns, with less than 30% being lost to costs. In other services, nearly 90% is lost to costs, and up to 100% when additional insurance charges are made1

  5. COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS TO IEP CARE SERVICE – Like all IEP services, IEP Apex provides complimentary access to a professional care advice service, Grace Consulting, providing 24/7 access to professional advice for any of your client’s care needs. Targeting better care and a cheaper price for investors and their families.

Advisers have told us that mitigating the effects of IHT is their top-ranked factor when advising on estate planning2, and that speed of IHT mitigation is the primary motive for recommending BR-qualifying investments3. So, new services that remove the risk of planning failure in the first two years are a game-changer, especially when it is achieved without additional costs to investors.

That’s why we’re seeing advisors turning away from high cost, low value business relief services in favour of services that mitigate IHT risk from day one of share allotment.

If Consumer duty and delivering good outcomes for customers is a priority for your and our firm, isn’t it time you turned to Apex?

1Tax Efficient Review, June 2021

2 Ingenious survey 2022

3 PFS/Ingenious 6 Golden Rules webinar live poll 2021

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