As a privately owned company, we are able to make swift and flexible decisions which are in the long-term interests of our investors. We operate the business to the highest levels of corporate governance, valuing our employees and their working environment which fosters an open spirit of co-operation.


This is at the core of what we do. We continually identify new investment opportunities in the constantly changing industries in which we operate.

Alignment of interests

We seek to align interests with our clients, often through co-investment and incentive-based fee structures that align our clients’ interests with those of our own.

Conflicts of interest

We have a robust confl icts policy that we strictly adhere to. Our clients’ interests always come ahead of our own and all clients are treated fairly.

Proprietary knowledge

To ensure that we maintain our knowledge advantage, we employ the best people in the sectors we invest in.


Our clients are the key to our success and communicating with them in a timely, concise and accurate way is paramount to our business.


We pride ourselves on the exceptional expertise, skills and integrity of our people and use these qualities to invest back into the community.
Whether through raising money for our charity of the year or offering our expertise to social enterprises, schools and colleges, we always look to support the community.

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