Ingenious today announces the launch of IEP Apex, a simple and cost-effective solution for any financial advisers and their clients looking to maximise the wealth they pass onto their beneficiaries.  IEP Apex is designed to take a holistic approach to estate planning by providing a unique set of benefits as standard, including: 

We’ve been working with financial advisers to understand what they and their clients want from an estate planning service: capital protection, steady returns, immediate IHT effectiveness and low costs are their priorities. IEP Apex has been created as a new type of estate planning service to meet their needs, building on one of the top-performing and lowest-cost services in the sector to deliver what we believe is exceptional value for money.

Neil Forster

CEO at Ingenious

IEP Apex focuses on protecting capital via a lending strategy secured against high-quality assets with a low correlation to public markets. This strategy can reduce volatility in investment returns and aims to benefit from long-term growth ahead of inflation. 

IEP Apex makes things simple for financial advisers and their clients by providing complimentary insurance cover from day one to settle any IHT liability arising during the two-year Business Relief-qualifying period as well as providing access to a complimentary care advisory service. 

While investment managers have historically always charged investors for insurance cover and peace of mind, Ingenious is proud to make both insurance cover and access to the care service available as standard, creating a new type of estate planning service.

About IEP Apex

IEP Apex will become the fifth service in the Ingenious Estate Planning family. All IEP services offer investors flexible access to their investment, subject to the terms of the investment agreement, as well as the benefits of the complimentary IEP Care Service. In June 2021, for the second year running, the services were ranked second most competitive in the market for cost over a five-year period, while the Private Real Estate strategy was also ranked number one for the second year running for overall return over a five-year period1.

Protecting the value of clients’ investments

IEP Apex operates an asset-backed lending strategy to reduce risk and protect investors’ capital while seeking to carefully deliver predictable long-term returns.  An investment in IEP Apex can be expected to have a low correlation to public markets, an important consideration for diversification of an investment portfolio.

Insuring against any liability to IHT

IEP Apex keeps things simple.  Investors achieve immediate peace of mind by no longer having to wait two years for their investment to qualify for Business Relief, or longer with other strategies. If an investor were to die during the two-year qualifying period, their liability to IHT is settled via the insurance cover, providing peace of mind from day one – why should an investor take the risk of waiting two years for Business Relief when they can achieve the same effect immediately, on day one?

From year three onwards, the investment should qualify automatically for Business Relief, meaning that the investor should face no charge to IHT at any point post investment.

Providing access to care planning

Investors automatically receive access to the complimentary IEP Care Service, an advisory service that enables them to plan both practically and financially for potential care needs before they become a reality. This feature also comes as standard as part of this new type of service.

Keeping costs low

Historically, investment managers have charged investors more money for additional services such as insurance cover and access to care advice.  With the new IEP Apex service, financial advisers and their clients no longer need to decide between tax effectiveness or cost as IEP Apex provides complimentary insurance cover and access to complimentary care advice as part of the service.

Confirming compliance with Business Relief regulations

Ingenious has many years’ experience establishing and monitoring Business Relief-qualifying investments and to date every single investor has benefited from the Business Relief expected.  In addition to Ingenious’ ongoing monitoring, all of our IEP services further benefit from an independent annual review to provide comfort that the service remains Business Relief compliant.  Just another example of our unique service.

1Tax Efficient Review, June 2021.  IEP Private Real Estate has been ranked number 1 for two years running for total returns over a five-year period.

2Tax Efficient Review, June 2021.  The IEP services have been ranked number 2 for two years running for total cost over a five-year period.