Value from alternative investments

We believe alternative investments should form a core part of all investment portfolios. We create value by being at the heart of the industries in which we invest. We apply a bottom-up approach to decision-making to deliver investment strategies which are often uncorrelated with and counter-cyclical to the financial markets.

Importance of specialisation

We invest in sectors where we have a deep expertise and the skills to create, access or exploit value from inefficient markets.

Opportunity from inefficiency

These inefficiencies may arise from markets undergoing structural change, where there is a lack of appropriate capital or where there is an imbalance between risk and reward.

Understanding risk

Our investment strategy is not risk averse, but by utilising our investment, commercial and structuring expertise we aim to mitigate against downside risk.

Consistent long term performance

Our aim is long term consistent performance rather than highly volatile swings between top and bottom quartile performance.